ANALYZE 100% OF conversations
without breaking the bank
Speech recognition, emotion detection, and embeddable dashboards for 1 cent per minute
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Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence hosted by Bloomberg
A.I. & Human Capital Workshop hosted by Bootstrap Labs and Littler Mendelson
Applied A.I. Conference 2017, 2018, 2019
The Autonomous Corporation hosted by Head of A.I. @ Uber
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Increase your revenues and close rates
Improve call quality and compliance
Improve customer experience and engagement
Unified Speech & Emotion A.I.
Whipnote combines speech recognition, emotion detection, and interactive dashboards that you can embed in your product.

Instantly understand every conversation without paying outrageous speech-to-text costs.
Customizable Dashboards
Instantly see which calls went poorly and identify opportunities to win back customers, improve customer experience, and reduce compliance violations.

Easily customize all the charts in your dashboard, and then publish your custom whitelabel dashboard to your clients.
Full API Access
Plug into our modern API and transcribe remote files, local files, and setup callbacks to your product. 

Get word-level and utterance-level metrics such as confidence scores, pitch level, volume level, emotion, and more.
2.4 cents per minute
1 cent per minute
 Speech-to-Text Transcription
 Automatic Speaker Separation
 Word-Level Confidence Scores
 Automatic Keyword Extraction
 Pitch & Volume Metrics
 Emotion Detection
 No Long-Term Contract
 No Cancellation Charges
 Onboarding Assistance
 In-Depth Support
 Powered by Deep Learning
 Talk vs. Listen Metrics
Sabrina Atienza, CEO
Hi there! My name's Sabrina. My training is in Computer Science and Physics from UC Berkeley. Before Qurious, I worked as a software engineer at Tealeaf (acquired by IBM). I'm proud to be Forbes 30 Under 30.

I want to help companies have amazing conversations with customers, leveraging the latest advancements in voice A.I. to make each interaction personalized, professional, and welcoming.

We’re thrilled to partner with companies who care about delivering an amazing customer experience and who share our belief that A.I. will fundamentally augment human capabilities.
George Ramonov, CTO
Hello! My name's George. My background is in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley, and Theoretical Mathematics from Lomonosov Moscow State. 

Before Qurious, I was a freelance software developer with various startups. I'm proud to be Forbes 30 Under 30, and I'm most excited when I get to architect applied A.I. systems to solve important problems.

My goal is to make significant progress towards A.I. that understands human conversation.
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