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We champion your privacy. 
All data is encrypted and not handled by human transcriptionists.


Add to your calendar invite. Whipnote will join when your call starts.

Live Caption

Whipnote transcribes your call, while it's happening. It's like TV live caption, now for conference calls


Send the perfect follow-up email with all the key points and actionable items.


Real Benefits

Save Time Taking Notes

For every 20 conference calls, Whipnote saves you 15 hours, on average.

Focus on the Big Picture

Whipnote captures the details, so you can focus on the purpose of your call.


Cups of coffee


Lines of code


Sleepless hours


Awesome feedback

fast and easy setup

How It Works: 3 Steps

(1) add to your calendar invite, and Whipnote will automatically join when your conference call starts

(2) you'll get an email with the live speech-to-text transcript, which you can annotate, edit, or highlight

(3) easily share your notes with clients, colleagues, and partners

More Reasons to Use Whipnote


The only real-time speech-to-text product in the market. It's like TV closed captioning, now for your conference calls.

2 Minute Setup

Simply add to a calendar invite. Whipnote works with all conferencing and phone systems.

Safety Net

Even if you join late or drop off a call, Whipnote will keep working, so you can catch up on what you missed.

Good Audio Required

Expect 90% accuracy when your call has minimal background noise, clear speakers, and minimal accents.

Easy Editing

Annotate the real-time transcript during your call, so you have complete and accurate notes, with little typing.


Data is encrypted and stored on secure servers. Whipnote is 100% automated, so nobody is manually transcribing calls.

limitations of speech-to-text

What To Expect

Whipnote's accuracy depends on your audio quality.

Make sure you have clear audio, no background noise, no heavy accents, and everyone is close to their phone or computer mics.

Whipnote does not work for people who are on speakerphone, have a heavy accent, or during in-person meetings.

Better Audio Quality = Better Accuracy

Tell us how we can make Whipnote work for you!

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